We Offer Weight Management Services

Need Help Losing Weight?

Are you looking to lose weight? Choose Elite Health today if you need to shed some pounds ASAP. We offer a variety of weight management techniques to get you fitter – faster! Our Dunedin, FL clinic offers everything from diet and exercise plans to fat-burning injections that are immediately absorbed by your body. You’ll start to feel more energized and much more confident in your body.

Get your personalized weight management plan by calling 727-600-8180 today.



Want to get your weight loss journey started? We offer a multi-step process that gives you results:

  • First visit: We perform lab work, do an electrocardiogram and go over your health history. Once our initial work is done, we’ll create a plan that includes medicine, diet and exercise
  • Weekly weigh-ins: Weekly weigh-ins help you stay accountable and encouraged. During our weekly weigh-ins, we’ll get your weight, give you medication and a fat-burning injection.
  • Check-ins: We’ll continue to check in until you’ve reached your goal weight.

Visit frequency will depend on your specific treatment plan. Discuss your weight management plan today by contacting our clinic.