Help is here. Health starts now.

You can get sober.

Without rehab.

Without methadone.

Discover why people are finally ready to quit using for good choose Elite Health to get sober for good in just 30 minutes per month without the judgment, without going to rehab, and without expensive insurance.

5 Star Experience

We value you and we value your time. Going to the clinic should be empowering, not disheartening. Get the experience you deserve.



Our wellness specialists are focused on helping you succeed and committed to helping those who want to help themselves.


Our once per month treatment schedule allows you to claim your calendar & start living your life on your terms – not in a clinic line.


Immediate results

No judgment


Once per month visit

No waiting in line


Quick and convenient

No Expensive Rehab Required

Get your life on track without throwing it out of whack

Rehab is expensive and can take months to see results. If you cannot afford either the treatment or the time off (or both!) then you owe it to yourself to visit Elite Health and see how you can get started on the path to sobriety on your terms.

High Rates of Success, Low Risk of Relapse

A treatment program built for your success

With a program built around sustainability, Elite Health offers an alternative to “big group think” and “ultimate tests of will” that can accompany other treatment options.

Also, we skip the judgment and the preachy nonsense. We all know that living your life in peak elite level health is about treatment and appreciating what’s working now – not judging through the lens of the past.

Once per Month vs. Every Single Day

Daily visits to the clinic are a thing of the past

Elite Health treatment plans offer the convenience of a once per month wellness checkup designed to facilitate your progress on the path to sobriety – without making you show up to the clinic for your daily dose.

So if you’re ready to skip the lines so you can instead schedule your once per month 30 minute wellness assessment, call or reach out today. 

Elite Health also offers:




Primary Care


Hormonal Health


IV Treatment & Therapy


Weight Loss Therapy


& More!

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You can get scheduled as soon as the same day depending on schedule availability. 

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We are here for you – so give us a call. Send us an email. Visit us in person. We support whatever is most convenient and comfortable to help you take the first step towards getting your life back.


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How long does my visit take?

First visits last 30 to 60 minutes depending on your health needs. After that, most patients typically have a once per month at the office lasting about 20 to 30 minutes.

How is this different than methadone?

Unlike methadone, you can get a prescription for Suboxone. That means as long as patients are following the proper recovery protocol and keeping their monthly appointments then they are able to take their daily dose in the privacy and convenience of their home – without a daily visit to a clinic.

Additionally, there are many other benefits that your wellness specialist will discuss with you during your initial appointment.

Is this affordable?

These treatments typically average out to cost less per year than daily visits to the methadone clinic based on the cost of treatment and medication alone. That does not account for the additional time, travel costs, etc required to take a daily dose at a methadone clinic.

When can I get started?

Patients can get started by calling (727) 600-8180 or emailing [email protected] to schedule an initial assessment. Elite Health will do its very best to get each and every patient scheduled as quickly as possible. Patients typically are able to schedule an appointment within a 72 hour window.

Should I bring this card I received?

Yes, absolutely!

That card is as good as $100 CASH!

What does that mean?

Well, it might be ugly, but when you bring your card in with you for your initial assessment, we will discount your appointment fee by $100. That means with your card you are $100 closer to getting started with treatment on your terms, so be sure too bring it with you!

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